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Salt Technologies on a UK-China Offshore Wind Delegation

Salt Technologies on the UK-China Offshore Wind Energy Delegation

Salt Technologies on the UK-China Offshore Wind Energy Delegation

Salt Technologies was successful in being selected to take part in an industry delegation to China which aims to build partnerships and business opportunities in the emerging Offshore Wind Energy market. The delegation of 15 SME's had a very busy schedule which saw us travelling to Beijing, Qingdao and Nanjing - covering the most important provinces in China for offshore wind in terms of investment and coastline length.

In Beijing we had the great opportunity to visit TUS Park - a science and technology park, business incubator and asset manager of over £40 billion in investments - which has the sole purpose of promoting Chinese innovation and building high-value partnerships with innovators worldwide. Here we had the opportunity to present our businesses and goal for attending the delegation and this lead to our meeting with some key wind turbine manufacturers and offshore wind farm developers in China.

A 5 hour bullet train saw us to Qingdao in the Shandong province where we were hosted by the EU Project Innovation Centre which forms part of the Enterprise Europe Network HQ for North China. In this event we had our first chance to sit down with local Chinese engineering and technology companies in 1-2-1 meetings to discuss the challenges to offshore wind in China and potential opportunities in collaboration with UK enterprises.  These meetings provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the business culture and the approach of Chinese companies to this emerging market at the sub-provincial level.

We then travelled a further 5 hours on a bullet train to Nanjing in the Jiangsu province where we had the opportunity to meet more local companies and research institutes in a series of 1-2-1 meetings. It is clear that there is wealth of engineering and technical knowledge and a great appetite to apply it to the offshore wind market. Chinese companies are very interested in taking on board the lessons learned from the European experience in the industry, however it is clear that they want to advance in a cautious manner to ensure that a mature offshore wind industry in China is sustainable and efficient.

Whilst in the Jiangsu province, we also had the great opportunity to visit the shop-floors of some of the largest and most successful wind turbine manufacturers in China and the World.  On this excursion we were received by Goldwind, CRRC, Shanghai Electric and Shanghai FRP. This was an impressive first-hand experience in seeing and understanding the manufacture and assembly of wind turbine direct drive generators, geared generators, nacelles and turbine blades.

The UK delegation brought to China a wide mix of experiences relating to offshore wind energy. In China, Salt Technologies promoted Nephos Jack-Up - our proprietary jack-up analysis service, Segmental Pontoon - a floating modular concrete pontoon, and Salt Visuals - our visualisation capabilities. Other UK companies in the delegation were there to promote: project risk and cost consultancy, jack-up vessel design, foundation design, high-capacity fluid dynamics solutions, turbine component inspection services, direct drive generator designs, drone inspection services, composite material manufacturing, marine archaeology and offshore wind O&M support.

The delegation was funded by Innovate UK and the whole trip was organised and managed by RTC North. Salt Technologies is extremely grateful for the opportunity given to make our first contact with the Chinese offshore wind market and for the great job done in making this a successful trip. We highly recommend SME's to take advantage of the opportunities available through Innovate UK and the respective Catapult programmes.

Further to this trip, Salt Technologies will be travelling to Princeton, New Jersey in the USA with another delegation of UK companies where we will be attending the 2018 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum - the largest event of this industry in the USA. If you are attending this forum and would like to meet with Salt Technologies please get in touch with us by phone or email using our contact details.

If you are interested in discussing engineering opportunities in China, Salt Technologies would like to discuss upcoming projects and possible collaborations. Get in touch using your most convenient contact method from our Contact Us page.

China Offshore Wind Salt Technologies -
China Offshore Wind Salt Technologies
China Offshore Wind Salt Technologies -
China Offshore Wind Salt Technologies -
China Offshore Wind Salt Technologies
China Offshore Wind Salt Technologies
Segmental Pontoon - Thumbnail

Segmental Pontoon Launch by Salt Technologies

Salt Technologies Segmental Pontoon

Salt Technologies Segmental Pontoon

Salt Technologies has launched Segmental Pontoon, an ingenious new solution for heavy duty, floating pontoons. Segmental Pontoon offers unprecedented strength and load bearing capacity, combined with an optimised manufacturing and assembly process.

The development of Segmental Pontoon addresses key issues with the transport, installation, and maintenance of conventional heavy-duty pontoons, resulting in significant savings both in the CAPEX and the OPEX of these structures. At the same time, the versatility of Segmental Pontoon makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Large vessel berthing
  • Wave attenuation
  • Heavy vehicle access
  • Building foundations
  • Multipurpose barges

The development of the Segmental Pontoon started over 20 years ago, when Andrew Wheeler and David Millner thought of employing the technology of pre-cast post-tensioned concrete segments (commonly used in the construction of bridges) to build a pontoon of unparalleled strength and durability, without the need for heavy handling equipment, since the segments can be individually lowered into the water and connected while afloat.

Together, David and Andrew formed Segmental Solutions Limited in 2013, and conducted substantial development and engineering on the concept, to prove its viability. In 2017 Salt Technologies acquired Segmental Solutions and all its proprietary technology. However, technology alone would be of little value to us:

We have decided to acquire Segmental Solutions and relaunch this fascinating technology, not only because we believe in its technical merits, but because with it came the expertise and support of Andrew Wheeler, one of the most respected coastal engineers in the UK. This made the project fully aligned with our ethos of combining the marine industry’s leading experts with the digital generation.

Pedro Arriaga
Managing Director, Salt Technologies

The Segmental Pontoon technology was developed with the support of a network of partners across Europe. Together, they have over 150 years of experience in a wide range of coastal and floating structures.

Segmental Pontoons - Intermarine

Inter Boat Marinas Logo

Grupo-Lindley-Logo Sq

If you would like to enquire about Segmental Pontoons for your project or simply wish to learn more about this innovative design, please get in touch with Salt Technologies using the contact form at the bottom of the product page.


Partnership with DOCK90 for Marine Digital Content

Since its beginning, Salt Technologies has been developing Marine Digital Content for various high-profile clients, including digital rendering, images, animations, infographic illustrations, virtual reality content, and other digital media productions.

Vryhof Anchoring Products

Property of Vryhof Group. All rights reserved.

This business unit was not so much the result of thoughtful planning as a set of happy coincidences: we came across the right projects at the right time, and we happened to have the ideal team available to carry them out, so we decided to retain that team, and develop this business line.

Our clients’ feedback gives us regular assurance that we produce outstanding quality content. Yet, we increasingly felt that it made little sense to focus on developing excellent content, without giving our clients the means to ensure they can maximise the return of that content, in terms of effective communication and lead generation.

It would be a logical next step to start offering other services associated with digital marketing and communication, but we don’t want to be a maritime digital communication agency, which lays outside our area of expertise and would stretch our resources too thin. We are a marine engineering and technology company. One of the ways in which we deploy technology, is by producing quality Marine Digital Content, which in turn, benefits from our know-how as marine engineers.

With this in mind, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with DOCK90. Based in the Netherlands, the company has been active since 2015, and it is the world’s first communication partner dedicated to the maritime and offshore industries. It helps companies working with the sea around the world, to deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, to maximise the impact of their communications.

Salt Technologies is becoming the exclusive provider of digital content to DOCK90, and in turn, we will be a representative of DOCK90, offering to our clients the full range of services required to ensure the success of their communication, in the digital age.

We would like to thank DOCK90’s founder and director, Barry Stolp for the confidence that he has invested in Salt Technologies, and we look forward to a prosperous future together.

DOCK90 Market Segments

Property of DOCK90 OffshoreMC B.V. All rights reserved.

Transport Malta – Patrol Boat Pontoon

Salt Technologies Mooring Analysis Pontoon Malta

Artistic Impression of the Transport Malta pontoon mooring analysis. © Salt Technologies.

Salt Technologies was commissioned by its sister company Ahlers Lindley to develop a mooring analysis for a large floating pontoon in Valletta, for the end client Transport Malta. The pontoon is intended to serve as berth for two patrol boats of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM). Ahlers Lindley provided the detailed design, manufacture and installation of the pontoon, and you can find more about their scope of work here. Together, Salt Technologies and Ahlers Lindley provided Transport Malta with a complete solution for the patrol boat pontoon.

The Marsamxett Harbour is a natural formation to the East of the Maltese capital Valletta. Although sheltered, it is exposed from the Northeast to the fearsome Grigal which blows during the winter months, bringing strong winds and a significant sea state into the harbour.

Transport Malta Pontoon Analysis - Load case 1

The worst-case environment load case for the mooring analysis.

The mooring system was particularly challenging due to the relatively deep water in which the pontoon is installed, and by a constraint on how far the anchoring points could be laid. Salt Technologies worked in close partnership with Ahlers Lindley and together we delivered a solution that withstands the predicted environmental loading, while respecting the installation constraints set out by the end client.

Salt Technologies - Mooring Analysis - AFM Pontoon

The installed patrol boat pontoon for Transport Malta.

Deadweight anchor underwater

Dead-weight anchor attached to a mooring line.

Find out more about our Mooring Analysis services and our focus on Coastal Floaters on our website.

If you have a similar project in mind, Salt Technologies would like to hear about it and help you get a complete and cost effective solution. Simply select your most convinient contact method from our Contact Us page.

Global Maritime Fish Farm

Aquaculture Digital Render

Salt Technologies has recently developed a digital render illustrating Global Maritime’s projects for the aquaculture industry. Our client is a leading international offshore engineering consultancy, with a significant track record in the development of offshore fish farming structures.

Our briefing asked for an inspiring image that conveyed the breadth and excellence of Global Maritime’s track record and capabilities in this industry.

We have proposed a vision of the Norwegian coast, featuring the main offshore fish farming structures that Global Maritime has worked with.

Click on the digital render image below to view it in its full resolution.

Digital render of Aquaculture products, developed for Global Maritime AS. All rights reserved.

The image is now the centrepiece of Global Maritime’s aquaculture marketing material, and caught the eye of the Norwegian Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg at AquaNor, the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition.

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries at Global Maritime's Aquanor 2017 Exhibition Stand

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries at Global Maritime's Aquanor 2017 Exhibition Stand

Salt Technologies helps companies like Global Maritime AS to communicate with their target audiences through inspiring, informative, and engaging marine digital content.


Salt Technologies in Marina Euro-Report

Salt Technologies features in Marina Euro-Report as the marine engineering company providing additional capabilities for Grupo Lindley.  We are very proud to have the support of Grupo Lindley, with who we work closely to provide an exemplary service to our customers.  Salt Technologies employs an excellent team of engineers and naval architects to provide bespoke design and engineering solutions for marine structures.  You can discover more about our team on our Who We Are page.

Marina Euro-Report is a leading publication providing the latest news and information on the marina business worldwide.   Check out this news item on Page 28  of their issue by following this link.

Salt Technologies team at Seawork 2017

Seawork 2017: Opportunities for New Companies

Salt Technologies team at Seawork 2017

Salt Technologies team at Seawork 2017

We have attended the Seawork 2017 International exhibition on the Southampton quays which showcased a broad range of maritime equipment suppliers and service providers. The impressive display ranged from carbon fibre hatches and shining V10 engines, to an array of offshore wind service vessels; while the elevated Ravenstein 3000 jack-up barge dominated the quayside.

Together with senior management colleagues from Grupo Lindley, we met with existing and new contacts in several industry segments. The general feeling was one of cautious confidence, that opens the door to new companies that can combine innovation and experience.

Salt Technologies is keen to tackle exciting new challenges by applying a fresh look to identify innovative solutions that deliver a gain in efficiency. Visit our Marine Equipment and Coastal Infrastructure pages on our website to learn more about our services and contributions to these sectors.

If you are attending future conferences, Salt Technologies would like to meet with you to discuss upcoming projects and possible collaborations. Get in touch using your most convenient contact method from our Contact Us page.

Salt Technologies at Offshore Wind Energy 2017

Salt Technologies Offshore Wind Energy 2017

Salt Technologies team at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017

Salt Technologies attended the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 exhibition where we met with the leading companies in the offshore renewable energy sector. It was extremely interesting to find out and discuss the new trends and technologies in the industry: Turbine capacities are increasing and the pipeline of offshore wind developments is filled to the brim. New markets that were on the horizon just a few years ago, such as the USA and Asia, are now being actively sought which indicates a fresh boost to the industry. Nevertheless,  developers are unrelenting in their optimisation of the offshore wind industry to bring down the cost per Megawatt installed. As a result, engineering challenges are abundant and the industry is open to bolder and more effective solutions.

Our team is committed to keep involved and up-to-date with developments which add value to renewable energy projects and decrease our reliance on carbon-based energy sources.  Visit our Renewable Energy sector page on our website to learn more about our services and contributions to this industry.

If you are attending future conferences, Salt Technologies would like to meet with you to discuss upcoming projects and possible collaborations. Get in touch using your most convenient contact method from our Contact Us page.


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