Partnership with DOCK90 for Marine Digital Content

Since its beginning, Salt Technologies has been developing Marine Digital Content for various high-profile clients, including digital rendering, images, animations, infographic illustrations, virtual reality content, and other digital media productions.

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This business unit was not so much the result of thoughtful planning as a set of happy coincidences: we came across the right projects at the right time, and we happened to have the ideal team available to carry them out, so we decided to retain that team, and develop this business line.

Our clients’ feedback gives us regular assurance that we produce outstanding quality content. Yet, we increasingly felt that it made little sense to focus on developing excellent content, without giving our clients the means to ensure they can maximise the return of that content, in terms of effective communication and lead generation.

It would be a logical next step to start offering other services associated with digital marketing and communication, but we don’t want to be a maritime digital communication agency, which lays outside our area of expertise and would stretch our resources too thin. We are a marine engineering and technology company. One of the ways in which we deploy technology, is by producing quality Marine Digital Content, which in turn, benefits from our know-how as marine engineers.

With this in mind, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with DOCK90. Based in the Netherlands, the company has been active since 2015, and it is the world’s first communication partner dedicated to the maritime and offshore industries. It helps companies working with the sea around the world, to deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, to maximise the impact of their communications.

Salt Technologies is becoming the exclusive provider of digital content to DOCK90, and in turn, we will be a representative of DOCK90, offering to our clients the full range of services required to ensure the success of their communication, in the digital age.

We would like to thank DOCK90’s founder and director, Barry Stolp for the confidence that he has invested in Salt Technologies, and we look forward to a prosperous future together.

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