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Salt’s team comprises a variety of specialties and personalities, with an important trait in common: Creative Problem Solving.

We support our creativity with sound engineering, state-of-the-art technology, and years spent at sea.

The result is an innovative and sound engineering approach to marine challenges.


Our team has extensive experience in the field of heavy lift offshore operations, including some of the heaviest cargo lifts ever carried out. Onshore, our founding partners at Grupo Lindley have been an international reference in cargo handling equipment for over 50 years. Having the ability to combine both sets of expertise, Salt carries out analyses of ground-based and afloat, single and tandem lift operations. We also develop the design engineering of bespoke cargo handling solutions.

Specific projects we have successfully completed include:

  • Design of a bespoke cargo handling tool, powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Analysis of an afloat lift operation and associated stability checks.
  • Installation of offshore wind farms with heavy lift jack-up vessels.

Our experience in offshore oil & gas and renewables has given us the necessary analytical and numerical tools to analyse floating systems and their moorings. We can employ simple hand calculations resorting to first principles, or advanced time-domain simulations utilising the most advanced software in the industry.
In the end, our goal is always to conduct a Fit For Purpose analysis, providing the client with practical answers to their problems.

Recent projects in the field of Hydrodynamics & Moorings include:

  • Hydrodynamic analysis and mooring design for floating offshore wind foundation.
  • Mooring system design and analysis for navy patrol boat pontoon.
  • Mooring system design for floating dry dock.
  • Coastal wave propagation study.

Designing novel seaworthy solutions, requires a solid understanding of the engineering disciplines involved, the ability to think creatively and transversely, and a profound understanding respect for the marine environment.
It would be wrong to presume we have all of these qualities in equal measure. But we certainly try our hardest to employ this skill set in every Design Engineering project we carry out.

Noteworthy projects in this area include:

  • Structural design for an aluminium polar expedition sailing yacht.
  • Concept design, detailed engineering and production of an automated cork bale handling tool.
  • Design of concrete pile foundations for floating breakwater.



Bespoke software is a significant enabler of efficiency gains, and an increasing number of our projects involves at least some part of software development and integration. Our in-house engineers and our close network of contractors cover a wide range of software expertise, from the base levels running in micro-controllers, essential to many mechanical engineering components, to web development and User Interface technologies.

Some of our recent Software projects are:

  • Desktop stability interface for a North Sea semisubmersible oil platform.
  • Development of the world’s only cloud-based application to conduct elevated jack-up analyses.
  • Machine Vision and controlling software for cargo handling tool.

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