Industry Sectors

Salt Technology expertise relies on six major industry sectors.

Renewable energy is primed to enter a new phase of growth and unprecedent disruption.

The offshore wind industry is Salt´s core specialty, we add value by assuring that organizations are successful and optimize their operations.


Oil and Gas is one of the most complex industries in the world, with strict requirements regarding safety and efficiency.

Salt’s engineers are more than familiar with these requirements specially in offshore oil and gas. We help organizations assure that all the procedures needed are met and their efficiency is improved.


The Yacht industry combines impressive technological, structural and design aspects.

Salt’s team keeps up with the evolution of the industry providing high quality structural designs and impressive visuals for exceptional yachts in the market.


Assuring efficient services and notable experiences has become a challenge for ports and harbours.

Salt helps in the analysis and implementation of innovative solutions for ports and harbours to follow and keep ahead of the industry trends.


Workboats should solve any challenge even under the most adverse conditions. These workplaces must have into account numerous factors, from the safety and comfort of their conditions to the efficiency of the work they deliver.

All these factors are considered by our team to support ship owners, operators, and charterers to carry out their operations.


Marine equipment has evolved to a point of where it can cause an industry change. With this relevance in the market, a focused, detailed, perfect product needs to be designed to stay ahead of competition.

Salt supports companies in developong and presenting their unique equipment and techniques to the market.

Segmental Pontoon Visuals
Communication of Group Lindly's innovative Segmental Pontoon solution.
Nemo Submarine Renders
Development of visual content for U-Boat Worx's smallest and lightest submersible in the world.
Pelagic 77 The Image
The story behing the image built for Pelagic 77.
Pelagic 77 Yacht Structural Design
Structural Design of the sailing yacht, Pelagic 77, for Great Southern Sea.
Galeon 650 Skydeck Yacht Video
Development of an animation for Galeon Boats featuring the 650 SKYDECK yacht.
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Nephos A2
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Nephos C1
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