The fastest, most reliable, and cost-efficient site-specific assessments and other elevated jack-up analyses in the world.
With 20 years of experience in some of the best offshore engineering consultancies in London, our team came together united by a common dream: to develop an accessible, fast and efficient structural analysis tool that focuses on the practical needs of the jack-up operators.

Nephos made this dream come true.

Jack-ups play a big role in site-investigation, construction, operation and maintenance of offshore installations, as wind farms.

We assure that a jack-up meets all the criteria needed before being used as a services platform in these new renewable energy installations.

Salt Technologies is an innovative marine engineering company, focusing on structural, afloat and mooring analyses. The London based company provides consultancy in its areas of expertise.
Jack-ups are a key part of the offshore oil industry in exploration drilling, tender assisted drilling, production, and maintenance of platforms.

Nephos analysis considers all the relevant information to guarantee the readiness of a jack-up to efficiently and safely carry out its functions.

We combine our Nephos analysis with the expertise of our team, to deliver high customer centred analysis.
This way, we help improve our client’s projects and see them to fruition.

Our unique and user friendly App allows you to run the most accurate jack-up analysis platform currently on the market.

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