> 2,000 SSAs

> 3,000 LPAs

104 Wind Turbines Installed

Nephos is ready to optimise your jack-up operations.

Over the past 5 years it has been our pleasure to work alongside Wood Thilsted and Clockwork Engineering to develop Nephos Jack-Up – the world’s first cloud based jack-up engineering solution.

We have had some fantastic clients, worked on some of the most challenging wind farm installations in Europe, and provided expert consultancy to the design of the largest and most advanced jack up vessels in the world. All of this was underpinned by  the game-changing coupled geotechnical/structural analyses software that has been at the core of Nephos since day one.

The time has come for Nephos to scale up and benefit the global jack-up fleet across all industry sectors. With this aim, Salt Technologies has decided to sell this business unit to  Clockwork Engineering, whom in partnership with Wood Thilsted will continue to provide world-class jack-up engineering services.

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