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Nephos Jack-Up

Nephos Jack-Up is a specialized, web based solution for jack-up vessel analyses which offers accurate results much faster than other conventional consultancies. We currently offer site specific assessment analyses and load penetration assessments on our web application where you can take control of your analyses any time or day. All you will need is the same location specific information that you normally asked for and a Nephos Jack-Up model which we will prepare for you to access anytime. Alternatively, you may also wish to contact us directly to care of your bespoke analyses requirements on our end.
Our solution is a result of efficiency and automation developments to conventional analyses procedures as identified by our team of experienced engineers and naval architects. We are currently working to expand our range of analyses for jack-up operations, so keep an eye on this space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Nephos Jack-Up?

We have a different vision to conventional consultancies.  We have identified several efficiencies that can be made in the SSA analysis procedure both speed and accuracy wise over our many years of experience, and we decided to make a heavy investment in the latest and greatest technology to ensure that:

  • Nephos Jack-Up empowers you and your company by guaranteeing you a preliminary SSA report within three hours (often quicker than that), with our team of structural engineers and naval architects standing by ready to validate the same analysis and your inputs, and issue the final report to you within 24 hours.  No other consultancy is capable of producing results as quickly as this.
  • Nephos Jack-Up is capable of producing jack-up SSA results far faster, more accurately and with far less errors than conventional consultancies, enabling you to evaluate potential tenders, rig moves, or job opportunities in time for decision making and far quicker than your competition and based on solid, trustworthy results.
  • We give you the option of taking control of your own analyses, in your own time, without any delays due to weekends or bank holidays.  At the same time, you are completely free to contact us to do the interpretation of the data and run the analysis on your behalf, and with minimal time penalty (within Greenwich Mean Time working hours, including on weekends, we can generally start straightaway from the moment you request us to).
  • Should you enter the analysis inputs yourself, we will check all your inputs to ensure they are correct, and make any corrections required between the preliminary and final reports, free of charge.  So, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.
  • The Nephos Jack-Up platform completely changes the way that you can work with your fleet.  Nephos Jack-Up enables you to make educated decisions on which of your rigs to put forward to which tender or job, based on rock solid engineering.
  • We are making further investments into producing punch-through, tow (transportation), and accidental limit state (push-over or ship impact) analyses that will be coming to Nephos Jack-Up shortly, making Nephos Jack-Up the first all-round analysis platform for your fleet with no additional modelling cost to you.
  • We are so confident that you will love Nephos Jack-Up that we will build your first model and do your first SSA for free.  Feel free to compare our results to your conventional SSA methods and see the benefits of using Nephos Jack-Up.
  • At the same time, we would also love to hear your feedback and tailor Nephos Jack-Up to your requirements.

What jack-up analyses can I run on nephos jack-up? 

From launch, Nephos Jack-Up supports:

  • Load Penetration Analyses,
  • Survival Mode Site Specific Assessment,
  • Operational Mode Site Specific Assessment.

Each Site Specific Assessment also considers the required Load Penetration Analysis.

In the future, several other jack-up analysis will be available online. We are currently working on tow (transport) analyses, pushover (accidental limit state or ship impact) analyses and dynamic punch-through analyses.

How much does it cost to run an analysis on Nephos Jack-Up? 

Our analyses are priced as presented in our Pricing page. We also give loyalty discounts of up to 50% to our returning customers for using our platform. When you submit your analysis, our team will send an invoice to your designated contact person for the analysis.

For large scale projects such as wind farms, we can agree a separate, favourable pricing arrangement on a case-by-case basis. For such projects please contact us directly.

How are the analysis carried out?

In the first instance, we use the Nephos model of the jack-up and modify it with the correct hull weight, centres of gravity, and elevations according to your inputs. The target preload value is calculated from your inputs (or the weight of the hull and legs with buoyancy) and this value is used with the geometry of the spudcan and soil inputs to evaluate the spudcan penetration behaviour and foundation stiffnesses and fixities.

The Nephos model is then updated for the calculated penetration and used in conjunction with a finite element analysis software and an environmental wave loading module, to conduct the dynamic time domain analysis and compute the dynamic amplification factors (DAFs) over an analysis period of typically three hours. The dynamic amplification factors are used in the non-linear analyses with the extreme wave and wind to compute the peak loading on the structure. These loads are iterated through the non-linear foundation fixity iterations to compute the final response of the structure. The final analysis results are then expressed in an SSA report which is delivered to you on the Nephos Jack-Up web-app.

What data do I need to run the analyses? 

To create the site specific analysis , you will require the meteorological (metocean) report containing details of the extreme:

  • Wind speed, reference elevation and profile;
  • Current speed, reference elevation and profile; and
  • Wave maximum wave height and its associated period, significant wave height and the spectral peak period, and the zero up-crossing period or the peakedness factor (gamma) for the wave spectrum.

You will also need the:

  • Geotechnical report containing an interpretation of the soils at the location - undrained shear strengths for clays or internal friction angles for sand; and
  • Loading condition for the jack-up hull – maximum hull weight, variable load, centre of gravity.
  • Preload value requested-  this will be optimised for the location.

The same is true for directional analyses, but the environment needs to be inputted for each cardinal compass point. For operating loading conditions such as lifting load cases other inputs like the lift weight and radius.

For load penetration assessments you will only need the geotechnical report and the preload value requested.

Do I have to input all the analysis parameters by hand?

No. We give you the option of taking control of your analysis in your own time without any delays due to weekends or bank holidays. However, if you wish, you can also contact us to carry out the same analysis and just sending the input data, with a minimal time penalty.

The Nephos Jack-Up pricing scheme rewards you with discounts for using the platform, independent of whether you input the analysis parameters yourself or we do it for you.

As you build your history of analysis in Nephos, you can reutilise previous analysis to pre-populate the forms of a new analysis. In this case, you only have to manually change the parameters that vary between them.

What do I get when I run an analysis? 

You will get a site specific assessment report just like with all other leading consultancies. A preliminary, un-checked version of this report will be provided within 3 hours of when you complete our input-form allowing you to make faster decisions based on indicative results. The analysis is then checked by one of our team of engineers and an approved report will be provided within 24 hours. Each document can be downloaded from the web-app in PDF format and remains accessible to you online.

When you run a load penetration analysis you get short report presenting the geotechnical results and the load-penetration curve within 3 hours of submission followed by an approved report within 24 hours.

We are confident in our timelines for deliverables provided that the inputs to the analyses are reasonable, that you provide us with the right information to check and approve the reports and that your requirements fall within the capabilities of our current input form. We are constantly thinking of new applications and improvements to Nephos Jack-Up which will see its capabilities broaden, so please follow our progress.

How do I run my analysis load case if I'm not sure Nephos Jack-Up covers it? 

If you're would like to carry out a custom analysis or would like our team to run the analysis for you, you may contact us using the contact details on the Help page. We will look into your specific requirements, discuss them with you and run the analysis on our end for you.

Can I just have the Nephos team run my analysis?

Absolutely. You may contact us directly using the contact details on the Help page. Simply send us the required data and we will look into your specific requirements, discuss them with you and run the analysis on our end for you.

How do I get a model of my jack-up into Nephos?

We construct the model files for you such that the representative characteristics of your vessel are modelled as accurately as possible.  This is of course an engineering exercise which we specialise in.  To construct the Nephos models we require some drawings showing dimensions, jack-up rig manuals showing some equipment capacities and weights:

  • Drawings:
    • General Arrangements (GAs)
    • Typical sections through the hull showing dimensions of the main bulkheads and framing (only a few of these drawings is sufficient for us to get an idea of the sizing)
    • Drawings of the spudcans and legs, showing the dimensions of the legs and chords (if present).  If the legs are tubular, diameters and thicknesses are sufficient.
    • Details of the raw water towers and jetting lines (if no drawings exist, dimensions will suffice)
    • For older vessels without rack-chocks and with only pinion holding systems, we need drawings of the jack-house and jack-framing to conduct a detailed leg fixation system analysis.
  • Jacking system capacities:
    • Preload holding capacity
    • Storm loading capacity
  • General details on weights:
    • Leg weights
    • Spudcan weights
    • Lightship
    • Variable loads

Once the jack-up model is created, we will upload it to your Nephos Jack-Up account and it will be available for you to use in your analysis.

Send us an email on nephos@salttechnologies.uk to request a new Nephos jack-up model and attach the required information. If the files are too large for an email, we suggest transferring the data using an FTP service such as WeTransfer. Our team will contact you to clarify any gaps in the data provided as well as the price and schedule for the model build.

What units of measurement do you use?

We convert all inputs into SI units at present and report using SI units. We intend to support imperial units in our reports in the near future as well.

Do you use any third parties?

We have partnered with the highly respected geotechnical consultants Wood Thilsted who conduct our geotechnical analyses for us.  They are a company very much like minded to us, with a focus on quality engineering delivered efficiently and quickly.

What software does Nephos Jack-Up use? 

Nephos uses a fully re-written finite element analysis software named Fisis, with an environmental loading module (named Thalassa) to conduct the analyses. Fisis is a full finite element analysis (FEA) program capable of conducting dynamic, linear static and large deflection (non-linear) analyses, foundation fixity iterations and dynamic amplification factor calculations in accordance with SNAME T&R 5-5A and ISO 19901-5.

Thalassa is capable of computing wind, current and wave loading using Stream, Stokes, cnoidal, and Airy wave theories. The wind and current loadings can be defined with block and power profiles to any desired exponent.

These two programs have been developed by our team, and underwent a rigorous validation program against the current industry standard for SSAs. The validation report may be found on our Technical Support page.

Is your software validated?

Our software is fully and very extensively validated, and in the interests of transparency and openness, we have published our validation document.  Our validation document is thorough – it starts from simple models with common sense checks, to full jack-up finite element model result comparisons from eigenvalues to large deflection results, as well as validation of wave theories, all compared against the current industry benchmark software.  We are also getting currently in the process of undertaking a third-party verification of our software as a further layer of validation. Our validation document can be found on our Technical Support page.

What do I need to use Nephos Jack-Up?  Does Nephos Jack-Up have any computer-related restrictions or requirements?

Since Nephos Jack-Up works in the Cloud, you only need an internet browser.  You can use Nephos Jack-Up on anything – a Windows PC, a Mac, your tablet, even your phone if you wish, and from anywhere in the world that has un-restricted access to the internet.

What do I do if I get an error? 

If an error occurs, we will be notified and we will look into it straightaway. However if you have any further concerns or seek clarification, contact us using the contact details in the Help page.

How experienced is the Nephos team?

We have 20 years of experience in jack-up vessels.  Our team of structural and civil engineers and naval architects have worked for two of the biggest consultancies in the jack-up SSA market and our experience ranges from the design of jack-ups to the detailed analysis of all types of jack-ups: from liftboats to the largest jack-ups in the world.  Our experience is equally divided between the oil and gas and renewable energy markets with solid experience in both.

Our team's CVs are available on request – please contact us.

Where are you based?

Our team is based in Gloucester Road, Pimlico, London, United Kingdom.

Can we have a one-to-one meeting?

Of course.  Contact us with times which are suitable for you, and we will arrange a meeting.  We can also fly out to other countries to see you.  Whilst Nephos Jack-Up is an online platform, we would love to get to know you on a personal basis and build a solid working relationship.  We completely believe in one-to-one discussions which will enable us to improve our platform to suit your needs as best as possible. Simply contact us directly using the contact details on the Help page.

Do you offer training for Nephos Jack-Up?

Whilst we are confident that we have made Nephos Jack-Up very easy to use, with help all along the way, we are more than happy to come to your office and train you in how to make best use of the Nephos Jack-Up platform, for a reasonable fee.

What are your invoicing terms?

We invoice shortly after the analysis is run, and the invoice should be paid within 30 days of issue. Please read our full Terms and Conditions.

Do different people or offices or legal entities in my company share Nephos Jack-Up accounts or have separate ones?

We recognise that different companies have different setups and different requirements, so we say: it’s up to you.  You may share your credentials with other people in your company, or create separate accounts.  We are happy to share Nephos Jack-Up model files between different accounts which are related, with no further charge. As an example, if your UK office and Dutch office both look after the same rig, and you wish to have separate accounts for the two offices for legal or financial reasons, we will happily provide access to the same model to both offices but issue invoices to different places depending on who requested the analysis.