Global Maritime

Ocean Farm 1

As part of their strategic drive to expand into the aquaculture industry, Global Maritime Norway has developed several large ocean fish farm concepts/designs. One of them became in 2017 the largest ever fish farm in the world (Ocean Farm 1).
To prepare for an exhibition where they would show case their engineering services for aquaculture, Global Maritime has requested Salt to develop a large poster featuring all their fish farm designs.

Ocean Farm 1 is the world’s first fish farm combining offshore and fish farming technologies.
This fish farm goes beyond the narrow definition of a farm. It offers a fully automated platform for marine projects and preparing the ground for testing the biological and technological of open ocean aquaculture. Additionally, it was developed to incorporate the most advanced and sustainable technology in fish breeding.
It is believed that Ocean Farm 1 is the first step towards a new era in aquaculture.


Owner: SalMar
Designer: Global Maritime
Location: 40 kilometers off the coast at Frohavet, Norway
Height: 69 m
Diameter: 110 m
Volume: 250,000 m3

The exhibition was a success and Global MaritimeĀ“s sharp visual communication drew the attention of the Norwegian ministry for fisheries seen in this image talking to the Global Maritime team over the visual developed by Salt.
In the aftermath of the exhibition Global Maritime consolidated its position as a global leader in the design and engineering of large ocean Fish Farms.