In 2017, Salt was approached by Galeon Boats, one of the leading European yacht builders, to develop a high-quality animation for the launch of Galeon 650 Skydeck yacht.
Mr. Jacek Kobylko at Galeon Boats, expressed the desire to produce a 3D animation that could provide a stunning, clear and realistic overview of the yacht. The aim was to offer the client a deeper sense of what the finish product would look like while highlighting its unique selling points.
At the time, the yachht was in the final stages of design in Tonny Castro Design being carefully thought through until the last detail.
The eye catching and high-quality animation of the galleon 650 was developed based on a combination of Salt’s team expertise and deep understanding Galeon’s brand identity and requirements.

The beginning of the project was basically a lot of brainstorming and discussions of what and how we wanted to transmit through the animation. This first creative step is often the most challenging of the process but it is what allows our team to build an appealing and innovative storyboard.
Afterwards our team takes over and starts developing the beautiful Galleon renders and scenarios, decides the light, angles, special effects, music … and makes magic.




Reveals the yacht out of a pure black environment, with spotlight, tangent illumination, that emphasis its character as an abstract piece of design and an aesthetically pleasing piece of high-tech luxury.

Shows the yacht at high speed on a sunny day, first in open sea and later with an idyllic scenery on the background. The aim was to demonstrate how fast and powerful Galeon 650 is, and how it can master the marine element and take its owner to unexplored new territories.
The Galeon arrives at a sheltered bay. In this section it is shown the various environments and materials of the yacht in detail. Some of its unique features are highlighted in this part as the opening of the six-meter-long balconies with partially glazed floors on both sides and the comfort of its interior.

In the end of the video, we wanted people to feel that during a few minutes they had experienced the incredible Galeon 650 Skydeck performance, luxury and comfort. Leaving the desire to see and know more about it.

Galeon 650 yacht is an extraordinary cruise, Salt feels proud of having been able to share it with the world by developing a high-quality animation made to match the standards of this luxurious and innovative yacht.
We would like to thank all the parties involved who critically challenged and cooperated with us contributing to the development and delivery of this well received outcome, thank you.