U-Boat Worx

The high-design Nemo submarine Renders

In the beginning of 2020, Salt Visuals was challenged by U-Boat Worx to develop the photorealistic renders for the unveiling of their new addition, NEMO.
NEMO is the latest model of U-Boat’s popular and custom-made submarine range, integrated in the lightweight luxury submersible market. This 2-seater submersible is the lightest ever built, with a total weight of only 2,500 kilograms and, so small that requires less than two jet-skis of storage space. NEMO was made to be owner driven and to provide the best underwater experiences.

To highlight NEMO’s personality and performance, Salt’s team developed a series of detailed and technical shots. These shots focused on the small size, ultra-modern design, sharp lines, and the hydrodynamics that characterize NEMO. Furthermore, and with a special focus on acknowledging real life imperfections, several underwater and lifestyle images were conducted.

These images included some of NEMOs unique features, regarding its easy deployment, ability of being towed behind a car and placed without a cradle or davit, comfort and functionality. The aim was to “bring NEMO to life” and allow the final customer to feel and look forward to experience all the adventures that this submarine is capable to provide.

In the end, the expertise and versatility of Salt’s team, which includes professionals from naval architects to sailors, combined with the deep understanding of U-Boat Worx brand identity, allowed Salt to develop and deliver a variety of high-quality NEMO renders able to match and go beyond the client expectations.

Salt is honoured to have been a part of NEMO’s launch, showing how this sophisticated and technological submarine can provide, through its glass bubble, an enjoyable and breathtaking experience while diving as deep as 100 meters.