Global Maritime

Njord FOC Installation

Salt Technologies (Salt) was approached by Global Maritime to develop an animation for a fiber optic subsea cable (FOC) installation.
Global Maritime had been contracted by Equinor, Norwegian energy company, to install a new fiber optic subsea cable with an extension of 40km under the Norwegian sea.

Very close to the installation date, Global Maritime concluded that would be hugely beneficial to train their team and to demonstrate their client how the installation process would be carried out.
Therefore, Salt was challenged to develop a 4 to 5 minutes technical animation illustrating every step of the cable installation process.


Pressed against the clock and with very high stakes at game Salt quickly engaged with Global Maritime´s team, which was very responsive, to gather all the elements needed to put together the animation.
An efficient communication with the client was crucial to this project. The dedication and professionalism of everyone involved allowed a quick review and approval of Salt´s preliminary deliverables and a thoughtful development of the final renders and animation.

The development of the animation started by closely following a hand drawing storyboard, which moved on into an animatic. Then, we started rendering each shot and creating in parallel something that was quite unique to this project, the graphic designs.
We added infographic to it where we animated maps and other graphic elements. The decision of adding these elements was based in the fact that somethings are better explained in 2D than in a 3D format, and Salt has this capability.  

In the end we delivered the project on time and on budget. And by focusing on a clean communication (visual engineering) we managed to deliver a very informative piece of communication at a very competitive budget.
The outcome was that on the set date Global Maritime was able to brief the entire crew of the vessel and on shore using our animation, which was praised for its clarity of communication and accuracy of details not only by Global Maritime but inclusively by Equinor itself.
“Thanks very much for the animation! I am impressed by the detail level given the short time frame! I think this will be very useful for involved personnel.”
“Just showed this to the client – and they are really impressed!!”
Rolf Åge

Project Manager, Global Maritime

Muito bom!
I’m really impressed by the animation.
Arild Grønevik

Work Package Manager , Global Maritime