Great Southern Sea

The Grantry Engineering for Pelagic 77

After developing the structural design of the beautiful Pelagic 77, the Great Southern Sea challenged Salt to conduct the engineering of the boat’s gantry.
For our team this was more than good news since the enthusiasm with the Pelagic 77 project was still highly present.
This time the challenge was to design a sturdy gantry that could stand hush environments while keeping the designer idea for it.

For this project Salt had to define and analyse the ideal size, type, details, and specification of the gantry’s structural elements. For this project it was crucial to have a clear understanding of how the extreme consitions of the glacier seas would affect the structure.
  The knowledge acquired from developing Pelagic 77 yacht structure and Salt´s team sailing experience turned this step of the process much quicker and easier. Having a team aware of what means to face a storm and sale in hush conditions, allowed us to consider all the small but potentially critical details that could affect the gantry structure. After identifying all the potential threats of the structure it was time to run analysis and tests to find a strong and well thought gantry structure that would overcome these threats. In addition, we crossed reference our values with KMY yacht builders and reputable equipment makers, and assure to find the best alternative.