Group Lindly

Segmental Pontoon Communication


Group Lindley acquired a sound engineering solution for deploying large concrete pontoons.
Concrete is a very effective material for building floating structures for it is a very inexpensive material. However, the construction of large floating concrete structures possesses significant logistic challenges because they typically need to be built in a single block.

The segmental pontoon revolutionises this by deploying a modular solution where each pontoon is prefabricated in standardised modules which are then transported on site and assembled afloat. The rigidity of the system is conferred by post tensioning with high straight tendons.
This solution is a re-adaptation of the long-stablished technology of precast post tension segmental bridges adapted to the construction of floating pontoons.

There was a complete lack of communication material to bring this solution to the market and potential buyers. Salt Technologies was brought on board to deliver the full communication scope for the segmental pontoon.

The scope of work included marketing strategy, profiling of target audience, selection of communication channels, conceptualization, and design of content.
The new content enabled group Lindley to effectively communicate their new solution to their clients in an informative and fresh way, resulting in a general industry interest in the new technology and several new leads.