Salt Technologies has concluded the structural design for the Pelagic 77

Salt Technologies has concluded the structural design for largest Pelagic yacht to date.

Client:                              Great Southern Sea

Naval Architect:             Tony Castro Design

Client Representative:   Skip Novak

Project Manager:           Peter Wilson, MCM Newport

Yard:                                KM Yachtbuilders

The 23.5m long aluminium ketch builds up on the proven high-latitude cruising concept of the Pelagic Yachts, developed by Tony Castro and the legendary sailor Skip Novak, over the last thirty years.

The project was a steep learning curve for Salt’s team: We are accustomed to the offshore energy industry, where all structural engineering follows detailed codes of practice. On this occasion however, the work pretty much started where applicable codes ended. Using a cooking analogy, this is how the project manager Pedro Arriaga put it:

“When we work for offshore energy projects, engineering is much like cooking a fine dinner following a good recipe book. On the Pelagic, the recipe book was more like a scribbled ingredient list, so the work is a lot more creative. But on the other hand, the client put together a superb team and we had access to a staggering amount of combined experience. It was like working in a kitchen packed with Michelin star chefs!”

The boat is required to perform and remain safe in some of the harshest cruising conditions on earth, and this is something for which no comprehensive guidance exists. It also needs to be comfortable, practical to operate and maintain, aesthetically pleasing, cost-efficient to build, and meet many other, often conflicting, requirements.

We are very proud to be a part of this project and would like to personally thank all intervenients for all the knowledge they have shared throughout the process.

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