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Salt Technologies on a UK-China Offshore Wind Delegation

Salt Technologies on the UK-China Offshore Wind Energy Delegation

Salt Technologies on the UK-China Offshore Wind Energy Delegation

Salt Technologies was successful in being selected to take part in an industry delegation to China which aims to build partnerships and business opportunities in the emerging Offshore Wind Energy market. The delegation of 15 SME's had a very busy schedule which saw us travelling to Beijing, Qingdao and Nanjing - covering the most important provinces in China for offshore wind in terms of investment and coastline length.

In Beijing we had the great opportunity to visit TUS Park - a science and technology park, business incubator and asset manager of over £40 billion in investments - which has the sole purpose of promoting Chinese innovation and building high-value partnerships with innovators worldwide. Here we had the opportunity to present our businesses and goal for attending the delegation and this lead to our meeting with some key wind turbine manufacturers and offshore wind farm developers in China.

A 5 hour bullet train saw us to Qingdao in the Shandong province where we were hosted by the EU Project Innovation Centre which forms part of the Enterprise Europe Network HQ for North China. In this event we had our first chance to sit down with local Chinese engineering and technology companies in 1-2-1 meetings to discuss the challenges to offshore wind in China and potential opportunities in collaboration with UK enterprises.  These meetings provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the business culture and the approach of Chinese companies to this emerging market at the sub-provincial level.

We then travelled a further 5 hours on a bullet train to Nanjing in the Jiangsu province where we had the opportunity to meet more local companies and research institutes in a series of 1-2-1 meetings. It is clear that there is wealth of engineering and technical knowledge and a great appetite to apply it to the offshore wind market. Chinese companies are very interested in taking on board the lessons learned from the European experience in the industry, however it is clear that they want to advance in a cautious manner to ensure that a mature offshore wind industry in China is sustainable and efficient.

Whilst in the Jiangsu province, we also had the great opportunity to visit the shop-floors of some of the largest and most successful wind turbine manufacturers in China and the World.  On this excursion we were received by Goldwind, CRRC, Shanghai Electric and Shanghai FRP. This was an impressive first-hand experience in seeing and understanding the manufacture and assembly of wind turbine direct drive generators, geared generators, nacelles and turbine blades.

The UK delegation brought to China a wide mix of experiences relating to offshore wind energy. In China, Salt Technologies promoted Nephos Jack-Up - our proprietary jack-up analysis service, Segmental Pontoon - a floating modular concrete pontoon, and Salt Visuals - our visualisation capabilities. Other UK companies in the delegation were there to promote: project risk and cost consultancy, jack-up vessel design, foundation design, high-capacity fluid dynamics solutions, turbine component inspection services, direct drive generator designs, drone inspection services, composite material manufacturing, marine archaeology and offshore wind O&M support.

The delegation was funded by Innovate UK and the whole trip was organised and managed by RTC North. Salt Technologies is extremely grateful for the opportunity given to make our first contact with the Chinese offshore wind market and for the great job done in making this a successful trip. We highly recommend SME's to take advantage of the opportunities available through Innovate UK and the respective Catapult programmes.

Further to this trip, Salt Technologies will be travelling to Princeton, New Jersey in the USA with another delegation of UK companies where we will be attending the 2018 International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum - the largest event of this industry in the USA. If you are attending this forum and would like to meet with Salt Technologies please get in touch with us by phone or email using our contact details.

If you are interested in discussing engineering opportunities in China, Salt Technologies would like to discuss upcoming projects and possible collaborations. Get in touch using your most convenient contact method from our Contact Us page.

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