Segmental Pontoon

Salt Technologies Segmental Pontoon


Large Berthings

Heavy Vehicle Access

Wave Attenuation



Lower CAPEX and OPEX than any alternative with similar performance

Customisable & Adaptable

Various sizes and configurations

Ease Of Assembly

On site without needing heavy machinery

Low Maintenance

Design life up to 50 years


Module sizes are dictated by standard shipping container dimensions

High Strength & Load Bearing Capacity

Due to its unique closed cell structure

Improved Stability & Wave Attenuation

Compared with articulated pontoons


The Segmental Pontoons concept is an innovative solution which adapts the technology of post-tensioned segmental bridges to the floating pontoon market.

The concept was first developed by civil engineering and coastal infrastructure experts in the United Kingdom over 20 years ago, and has since been further developed and validated and fully engineered.

Segmental Pontoons offers unprecedented strength and load bearing capacities combined with an optimised manufacturing and assembly process.

Salt Technologies Segmental Pontoons - Section

Andy Wheeler - Salt Technologies Team


Andy is a Coastal Engineering expert with an academic background in Civil Engineering.  In 1992 he started Intermarine, specialising in floating structures, which became the preferred supplier of British Waterways, as well as exporting equipment to several European countries.  In 2010 he founded Segmental Solutions with David Milner to develop the revolutionary Segmental Pontoon concept.

David Milner - Segmental Pontoons


David is an expert civil engineer with over 40 years of experience around the world, a significant part of which was in coastal works.

David was the originator of the idea of applying the technology of precast segmental post-tensioned concrete, utilised in the construction of modern bridges, to create a pontoon with unprecedented strength and ease of assembly.

Bell Johnson - Segmental Pontoons


Bell Johnson is an engineering consultancy with particular expertise in providing solutions to the most challenging construction problems, ranging from small items of temporary works to designs for major marine and underground structures.

They have extensive experience with post-tensioned segmental bridges, and their team carried out the detailed engineering for the Segmental Pontoon, investigating the scalability and the operating conditions for the different sizes and configurations of pontoon.


Segmental Pontoons installations will be composed of a number of modular concrete segments which are cast on location or transported by road, train or ship. The segments are then individually floated and connected together into the required configuration to create a single floating structure. When all segments are in their desired positions, the entire structure is post-tensioned with strand jacks, until a precalculated tension is achieved.

The optimised manufacturing process requires minimal site area. Assembly and post-tensioning are performed afloat in sheltered waters, eliminating the need for a sufficiently large drydock for the required pontoon length, or the need for a large crane.

A finished Segmental Pontoon is a very strong structure, which can be towed away from the quay to the required location straight after post-tensioning and finishing operations are completed.

Segmental Pontoons also considers the project specific requirements. Flexibility in the segment dimensions makes Segmental Pontoons adaptable to your project's dimensional, load bearing and afloat stability requirements.

Segmental Pontoon Sizes


Segmental Pontoon can be arranged to accommodate the configuration best suited for your project's requirements.  The modular segments are designed to that they can be post-tensioned together in a single elongated row, "Pontoon Configuration", or side by side to create a wider platform, "Platform Configuration".

Pontoon Configuration

Large Vessel Berthing

Wave Attenuation

Heavy Vehicle Access

Platform Configuration

Building Foundations

Public Spaces

Multipurpose Barges


The Segmental Pontoons concept is supported and promoted by a network of partners across Europe. Together, they have over 150 years of experience in a wide range of coastal and floating structures.

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