Mooring Analysis

Salt Technologies Mooring Analysis
Artistic render of AFM Pontoon, Malta - designed and installed by Ahlers Lindley and analysed by Salt Technologies.
Salt Technologies Multiple-Line Mooring Spread
Multiple-Line Mooring Spread
Salt Technologies Mooring Composite Catenary Line and Anchor Profile
Composite Caternary Line and Anchor Profile

Mooring Analysis

Combining decades of experience in coastal moorings with the latest mooring analysis numerical methods applied in the oil & gas industry, we analyse and define mooring arrangements which are both theoretically sound and practically sensible.

Our capabilities apply to any type of floating structure which is fixed to the sea bottom by a mooring system: from a yacht moored with a single anchor to a semi-submersible drilling rig. Regardless of the numbers of lines used we always aim to select the most adequate method and level of detail to make sure the mooring analysis addresses the requirements safely and efficiently.

Our process:

Mooring Analysis


  • Definition of applicable load cases
  • Preliminary layout
  • Definition of allowable displacements and clearances
  • Building hydrostatic and hydrodynamic models
Mooring Analysis


  • Hydrodynamic responses (RAOs)
  • Multi-catenary analysis of preliminary layout
  • Iterative optimisation of layout
Mooring Analysis


  • Mooring analysis report
  • Forces on mooring components
  • Line catenary profiles
  • Maximum deviation from target position
  • Clearances of the lines and structure
  • Motions
Mooring Analysis


  • Final mooring layout plans
  • Definition of anchors
  • Line composition and connectors
  • Installation sequence