Structural Engineering

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Salt Technologies Structural Engineering
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Structural Engineering

Our team has a wealth of Structural Engineering experience in designing and analysing marine structures, both floating and fixed. We make use of the state-of-the art in design and analysis software, and we take it one step ahead by developing coded in-house tools to optimise our workflows.

We believe that an experienced eye can conceive an optimal structural solution faster than any computer, and in this sense we always combine our array of Structural Engineering digital tools with the sensible judgement of our leading experts, gained throughout a lifetime of theoretical and practical experience.

Our process:

Structural Engineering


  • Client Briefing
  • Applicable codes and regulations
  • Market research for similar projects
  • High-level definition
Structural Engineering


  • Definition of applicable load cases
  • Scantling design
  • Building FEA model
Structural Engineering


  • Global strength analysis, where necessary using FEA
  • Local strength analysis using FEA
  • Fatigue analysis, if required
Structural Engineering


  • Refine design to optimise structural utilisation
Structural Engineering


  • Strength analysis report
  • Fatigue analysis report, if required
  • Structural arrangement plans
  • Fabrication details
  • 3D CAD model of the structure
  • Liaison with yard and other 3rd parties