The Team

"Combining the Marine Industry's Leading Experts with the Digital Generation"

Salt Technologies offers a fresh approach to maritime engineering, by bringing together leading experts with decades of experience in the industry; and a new generation of engineers, proficient in the latest technology. We strive to combine the energy and experience of the two generations, to ensure that our customers receive the best of both worlds.

Leading Marine Experts

Andy Wheeler - Salt Technologies Team

Andrew Wheeler

Coastal Engineering Advisor

With over 45 years of experience and a 1st class honours BSc in Civil Engineering, Andrew held several engineering roles before working at Walcon Marine for 15 years, where he latterly held the position of MD.

In 1992 he started Intermarine, specialising in floating structures, which became the preferred supplier of British Waterways, as well as exporting equipment to several European countries.

In 2010 he founded Segmental Solutions, developing a revolutionary concept for large floating concrete pontoons - Segmental Pontoon. In 2017 Andrew joined forces with Salt Technologies to take the concept to the commercial stage, also acting as Salt Technologies’ Advisor for Coastal Engineering. 

Grupo Lindley - Patrick Lindley

Grupo Lindley

Holding Group, Patrick Lindley CEO

In 2016 Grupo Lindley made the decision to found Salt Technologies in London UK, further expanding the group’s capability to develop new products and respond to unique projects with bespoke engineering solutions. Furthermore, the group supports Salt Technologies with a wealth of technical and managerial experience.

With a Master degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA, Patrick is the third Lindley generation at the helm of the group, combining the stability of a family run business with the entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of MBAs.

Tony Castro- Salt Technologies Team

Tony Castro

Naval Engineering Advisor

Holding a BSc in Naval Architecture and an MSc in Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics, Tony combines technical soundness with an eye for styling, and an unquestionable passion for boats and the sea.

 Based in Hamble for the last 35 years, Tony Castro is arguably the most successful British racing yacht designer of the last 50 years, with 5 World Champion designs in 4 different classes. To date, over 7,500 boats and yachts have been produced to one of his designs.

His Production boats, both Power and Sail, and Performance Cruising Sailboat designs have won multiple design awards, as recently as 2016. He joins Salt Technologies in the pursuit for better naval and structural engineering services for the yachting industry.

Digital Generation

Pedro Arriaga- Salt Technologies Team

Pedro Arriaga

Partner, Managing Director

With an MArch, Pedro started his career as an architect, before moving to Global Maritime in London, where he started as a designer in 2012 and moved on to become Principal Engineer in 2015. In the meantime, Pedro also completed and MSc in Offshore and Ocean Technology.

Pedro has a solid experience in all stages of designing offshore vessels and marine structures, having worked in several high-profile Oil & Gas and Renewables projects. Towards the end of his stay at Global Maritime, he also started to be increasingly involved with the commercial and communication side of the business.

In July 2016 Pedro successfully pitched to Grupo Lindley the Salt Technologies project.

Andre Galea - Salt Technologies Team

André Galea

Senior Lead Engineer

Holding an MSc degree in Maritime Engineering Science, André has worked for the famous yacht designer Bernard Olesinski, before joining Global Maritime as a Project Engineer.

André is a well-rounded engineer, with good numerical and coding skills applied to both structural and hydrodynamic problems. His key area of expertise is the structural engineering of vessels, ranging from composite yachts to jack-up barges, both drilling and heavy-lift units.

Having joined Salt Technologies in March 2017, André is developing innovative technological solutions in the field of marine structures, whenever the flow of naval engineering work allows.

Pavel Mikhailenko - Salt Technologies Team

Pavel Mikhailenko

Creative Lead

With an MSc in economic studies and half way through his PhD in the same subject, Pavel quit his promising financier career to pursue his passion for digital art.

His experience spans working for a studio in Sweden, developing work for the automotive giants in Germany, and the special effects for three feature films from the USA and Russia.

Pavel started developing Marine Digital Content in 2015 as a freelancer, and he accepted the invitation to join Salt Technologies in March 2017.

Strahinja Berberic - Salt Technologies Team

Strahinja Berberic

Principal Engineering Software Developer

With an MEng in Civil Engineering, Stra has seven years’ experience analysing and designing jack-up vessels, having worked for some for some of the highest profile oil & gas and offshore wind projects in the world. As a keen researcher with an eye for identifying and resolving shortcomings, Stra developed Global Maritime’s jack-up analysis software using Bentley’s SACS as a basis. He subsequently moved to Aqualis Offshore, where he continued to research and develop on the latest techniques for jack-up analysis.

Stra is an all-round engineer with an excellent understanding of structural mechanics, structural dynamics, hydrodynamics and geotechnical engineering as well as being a proficient programmer. His key area of expertise is the global and local structural analysis of jack-up vessels (both heavy-lift and drilling vessels), in an extensive range of applications: site specific assessments, transport (heavy lift and tow), ship impact, earthquake, and life extension (fatigue) assessments. Most recently, he pioneered the first dynamic punch-through assessment for a major oil and gas client.

Manuel Arriaga- Salt Technologies Team

Manel Arriaga

Consultant Naval Architect

Manel finished his BSc in Naval Architecture and his MSc in Offshore Floating Systems before joining Global Maritime as a project engineer in 2013. He moved to Aqualis Offshore in 2015, and he joined Almovi in late 2016, a sister company within Grupo Lindley.

Manuel is highly proficient in coding and numerical modelling of fluid dynamics, with a particular emphasis on the study of wave loads on marine structures. He also has noteworthy experience in the structural analysis of jack-ups in elevated mode.


Grupo Lindley is a privately held group established in 1930, currently consisting of four companies that are lead suppliers of equipment and services to port, marine and construction industries in southern Europe, Africa and South America.

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